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uk /bɒks/ us /bɑːks/

box noun (CONTAINER)

A1 [ C ] a square or rectangular container with stiff sides and sometimes a lid

a cardboard box 纸板箱
a cigar box 雪茄烟盒
a matchbox 火柴盒

A1 [ C ] a box and its contents, or just the contents of a box

a box of matches 一盒火柴
He ate a whole box of chocolates. 他吃了整整一盒巧克力。

[ C ] UK US cup a piece of hard plastic worn by men to protect their sex organs when playing a sport


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box noun (SQUARE SPACE)

A2 [ C ] any square or rectangular space on a form, sports field, road, etc., separated from the main area by lines

If you would like more information, put an X in the box. 如果你需要更多的信息,请在这个方框内打钩。

[ C ] US UK box junction a place where two roads cross, marked with a square of yellow lines painted in the centre, that you can drive over only when the road in front is clear


[ C ] a small space with walls

a jury/phone box 陪审团席/公用电话亭
Their new house is just a box (= very small). 他们的新房子非常小。

[ C ] a small area with seats that is separate from the other seats in a theatre or at the side of a sports field

Can you see Prince Charles in the royal box? 你能看见王室专用包厢里的查尔斯王子吗?

box noun (TELEVISION)

the box [ S ] UK informal


There's nothing worth watching on the box tonight. 今晚的电视没有什么值得一看的。

box noun (ADDRESS)

[ C ] also PO box a box with a number in a post office to which your letters can be sent and from which you can collect them


box noun (TREE)

[ U ] a small evergreen tree (= one that never loses its leaves) with small, shiny leaves

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uk /bɒks/ us /bɑːks/

box verb (SPORT)

[ I or T ] to fight someone in the sport of boxing

He used to box every weekend. 他以前每个周末都打拳击。
I've boxed (against) some of the best. 我曾和一些最好的拳击手较量过。


[ T ] also box up to put something in a box

I boxed up some clothes and books to donate to charity. 我帮你把这双鞋子装进盒子还是你现在就穿?


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