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uk /ˈbrəʊ.kən/ us /ˈbroʊ.kən/

past participle of break



uk /ˈbrəʊ.kən/ us /ˈbroʊ.kən/

broken adjective (DAMAGED)

A2 damaged, no longer able to work

He attacked the man with a broken bottle. 他用一个破酒瓶袭击了那人。
My watch is broken. 我的表坏了。
Careful - there's broken glass on the floor. 小心,地板上有碎玻璃。

[ before noun ] suffering emotional pain that is so strong that it changes the way you live, usually as a result of an unpleasant event

He was a broken man after his wife died. 妻子死后他成了个颓废的人。

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broken adjective (INTERRUPTED)

C1 interrupted or not continuous

He tried to explain what had happened in broken English (= not spoken easily and stopping a lot) . 他英语讲得结结巴巴,拼命想解释清楚发生了什么。

broken adjective (ENDED)

C2 destroyed or ended

a broken engagement 解除了的婚约
She comes from a broken home (= one where the parents have separated). 她来自一个离异家庭。

broken adjective (NOT KEPT)

(of a law, rule, or promise) not obeyed or not kept

a broken promise 背弃的诺言

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