Translation of "buck" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /bʌk/ us /bʌk/

US Australian English plural bucks informal a dollar

Can I borrow a couple of bucks? 我能借几美元吗?
He charged me 20 bucks for a new hubcap. 一个新的毂盖他要了我20美元。

Indian English plural bucks informal a rupee

South African English plural bucks informal a rand

plural bucks informal used in a number of expressions about money, usually expressions referring to a lot of money

He earns megabucks (= a lot of money) working for an American bank. 他在一家美国银行工作,赚钱很多。
So what's the best way to make a fast buck (= earn money easily and quickly)? 能快速赚钱的最好办法是什么?

plural buck or bucks the male of some animals such as deer and rabbits, or (in South Africa) a male or female antelope

雄性动物;雄鹿;公兔;(南美)羚羊 → Compare doe
verb [ I ] uk /bʌk/ us /bʌk/

(of a horse) to jump into the air and kick out with the back legs


Phrasal verb(s)

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