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bungnoun [ C ]

uk /bʌŋ/ us /bʌŋ/ UK informal

bung noun [ C ] (CLOSING DEVICE)

usually US stopper a round piece of rubber, wood, etc. that is used to close the hole in a container


bung noun [ C ] (MONEY)

a payment made to someone to persuade them to do something, usually something dishonest

Of course both the politicians denied taking bungs. 当然两个政客都否认曾接受过贿赂。

bungverb [ T + adv/prep ]

uk /bʌŋ/ us /bʌŋ/ UK informal

to put something somewhere in a careless way

"Where shall I put my coat?" "Oh, bung it anywhere." “我把外套放在哪儿?”“噢,随便放哪儿都行!”

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