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bustnoun [ C ]

uk /bʌst/ us /bʌst/

bust noun [ C ] (BREASTS)

a woman's breasts, or the measurement around a woman's breasts and back

I couldn't find any blouses in my bust size. 这家店里找不到适合我胸围的衣服。

bust noun [ C ] (HEAD)

a model of the head and shoulders of a person

There was a bust of Mahler on his desk. 他书桌上有一尊马勒的半身像。

bust noun [ C ] (ARREST)

slang an occasion when police arrest people who are thought to have broken the law

In their latest drugs bust police entered a warehouse where cocaine dealers were meeting. 在最近的毒品搜捕行动中,警方突袭了一个可卡因毒贩正在进行交易的仓库。

bustverb [ T ]

uk /bʌst/ us /bʌst/ busted or UK also bust, busted or UK also bust

bust verb [ T ] (BREAK)

informal to break something

Oh no! I bust his MP3 player. 噢,不好!我弄坏了他的CD播放机。

bust verb [ T ] (ARREST)

US slang When the police bust a person, they arrest them, or when they bust a building or a place, they arrest people in it who they believe are breaking the law.

The police busted him because they think he's involved with a terrorist group. 警方认为他与恐怖团伙有牵连而逮捕了他。


Phrasal verb(s)


uk /bʌst/ us /bʌst/

bust adjective (BROKEN)

UK informal US busted broken

I think my watch is bust. 我想我的表坏了。

bust adjective (BUSINESS)

go bust

If a company goes bust, it is forced to close because it is financially unsuccessful.

More than 20 companies in the district went bust during the last three months. 过去的3个月里这一地区有超过20家公司破产。

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