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uk /bʌt/ us /bʌt/

butt noun (CIGARETTE)

[ C ] the part of a finished cigarette that has not been smoked


butt noun (BOTTOM)

C1 [ C ] mainly US slang for bottom

She told him to get off his butt and do something useful. 她让他行动起来,干点有用的事。

butt noun (GUN)

[ C ] the thick end of a rifle (= gun) handle

They struck him with their rifle butts. 他们用来复枪的枪托打他。

butt noun (PERSON)

be the butt of sb's jokes

to be a person who is joked about or laughed at

He was sick of being the butt of their jokes. 他已经受够了被他们当作笑柄。

butt noun (CONTAINER)

[ C ] UK a large container used to store liquids

a rain/water butt 集雨桶,大水桶

buttverb [ I or T ]

uk /bʌt/ us /bʌt/

to hit something or someone hard with the head or the horns


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