Translation of "buy" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (PAY FOR) 为…付款 uk us /baɪ/ (bought)

[ I or T ] to get something by paying money for it

Eventually she had saved enough money to buy a small car. 她最终存够了买一辆小汽车的钱。
[ + two objects ] He bought his mother some flowers/He bought some flowers for his mother. 他给母亲买了些花。
There are more people buying at this time of the year so prices are high. 这个季节购物的人比较多,所以价格高昂。
The company was set up to buy and sell shares on behalf of investors. 成立该公司为的是代表投资者买卖股票。
I bought my camera from/informal off a friend of mine. 我的相机是从一个朋友处买的。
buy sb's silence

to pay someone, or do something for someone, so that they do not tell anyone something which they know about and which you want to remain secret

What will we have to do to buy her silence? 为了封住她的嘴我们该怎么办?

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