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uk /keɪk/ us /keɪk/

cake noun (FOOD)

A1 [ C or U ] a sweet food made with a mixture of flour, eggs, fat, and sugar

Would you like a piece of/a slice of/some cake? 你想来块/片/点儿蛋糕吗?
chocolate/sponge cake 巧克力/海绵蛋糕
a birthday/Christmas cake 生日/圣诞蛋糕
cream cakes 奶油蛋糕
He made/baked a delicious cake. 他做/烤了个美味的蛋糕。
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cake noun (SHAPE)

[ C ] a small flat object made by pressing together a soft substance

fish/potato cakes 鱼/土豆饼
a cake of soap 一块肥皂

cakeverb [ T usually passive ]

uk /keɪk/ us /keɪk/

to cover something or someone thickly with a substance that then dries out

The men were caked in layers of filth and grime. 他们身上积了一层层污垢。
boots caked with mud 粘着泥巴的靴子

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