Translation of "call" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (VISIT) 拜访 uk us /kɔːl/ US  /kɑːl/

[ C ] a short, especially official visit, usually made by someone whose job is connected with health

Doctor Seward is out on a call this morning. 苏厄德医生今天上午出诊去了。
The nurse has got a few calls to make this afternoon. 护士今天下午有几次出诊。
slightly old-fashioned I thought I'd pay a call on (= visit) an old friend of mine this weekend. 我想这个周末去拜访一位老朋友。
on call

Some types of workers, especially doctors, are described as being on call if they are available to make official visits at any time when they are needed, whether they are at home or at work

She's a doctor, so she's often on call at the weekend. 她是个医生,所以在周末常常得随时准备出诊。

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