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uk /kɑːm/ us /kɑːm/

B1 peaceful, quiet, and without worry

He has a very calm manner. 他举止沉着镇静。
Now keep calm everyone, the police are on their way. 现在请大家保持安静,警察就要来了。

without hurried movement or noise

After a night of fighting, the streets are now calm. 经过一夜的战斗,街上现在平静了。

B1 If the weather is calm, there is no wind, or if the sea or a lake is calm, it is still and has no waves.


More examples

  • I was extremely angry but I'm feeling a little calmer now.
  • He seemed calm on the surface although I suspect he was furious inside.
  • You've got to appear calm in an interview even if you're terrified underneath.
  • He usually stays quite calm in meetings but this time he just lost his head.
  • She spoke with calm assurance.
adverb uk /ˈkɑː us /ˈkɑː


  • OK everyone, let's all quiet down and talk about this calmly.
  • He was angry but he managed, with great self-restraint, to reply calmly.
  • If the fire alarm goes off , leave the building quickly and calmly.
  • He seems rather a nervous character but in fact he works very calmly and efficiently.
  • Suntanned and relaxed, the new boss looked calmly about the room and appeared completely in command.

B2 in a quiet or relaxed way

She reacted surprisingly calmly to the news of his death. 听到他的死讯,她的反应出奇地平静。

calmverb [ T ]

uk /kɑːm/ us /kɑːm/

to stop someone feeling upset, angry, or excited

He tried to calm the screaming baby by rocking it back and forth. 他来回摇晃着嚎哭的婴儿,想让他安静下来。
calm sb's fears

to make someone feel less worried about something


Phrasal verb(s)


uk /kɑːm/ us /kɑːm/

a quiet or peaceful period or situation

It was the calm of the countryside that he loved so much. 他所深爱的正是乡村的宁静。

a quiet and relaxed manner


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