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uk /ˈkæn.vəs/ us /ˈkæn.vəs/

canvass verb (GET SUPPORT)

[ I or T ] to try to get political support or votes, especially by visiting all the houses in an area

I've been out canvassing for the Labour Party every evening this week. 这周我每天晚上都出去游说给工党拉选票。

canvass verb (ASK)

[ T ] to try to discover information or opinions by asking people

The council has been canvassing local opinion/local people to get their thoughts on the proposed housing development. 地方议会一直在调查当地民众的意见,以了解他们对拟建的住宅区的看法。

canvass verb (SUGGEST)

[ T ] UK formal to suggest an idea or plan to be considered

Wind and wave power are now being seriously canvassed as the solution to our energy problems. 风能和潮汐能作为解决能源问题的方法现在正被人们郑重提出并加以考虑。

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