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uk /kəˈpæs.ə.ti/ us /kəˈpæs.ə.t̬i/

capacity noun (AMOUNT)

B2 [ C or S or U ] the total amount that can be contained or produced, or (especially of a person or organization) the ability to do a particular thing

The stadium has a seating capacity of 50,000. 这个体育场能容纳5万人。
The game was watched by a capacity crowd/audience of 50,000 (= the place was completely full). 比赛场座无虚席,5万观众观看了比赛。
She has a great capacity for hard work. 她特别能吃苦耐劳。
The purchase of 500 tanks is part of a strategy to increase military capacity by 25 percent over the next five years. 购买500辆坦克是在今后5年里将军事力量增加25%的战略计划的一部分。
[ + to infinitive ] It seems to be beyond his capacity to (= he seems to be unable to) follow simple instructions. 他好像连简单的指令也听不懂。
Do you think it's within his capacity to (= do you think he'll be able to) do the job without making a mess of it? 你认为他有能力完成这项工作而不把它搞砸吗?
The generators each have a capacity of (= can produce) 1,000 kilowatts. 每台发电机都有1000千瓦的发电能力。
The larger cars have bigger capacity engines (= the engines are bigger and more powerful). 大轿车引擎功率也比较大。
All our factories are working at (full) capacity (= are producing goods as fast as possible). 我们所有的工厂都在满负荷运行。
We are running below capacity (= not producing as many goods as we are able to) because of cancelled orders. 因为订单取消,我们的工厂开工不足。
He suffered a stroke in 2008, which left him unable to speak, but his mental capacity (= his ability to think and remember) wasn't affected. 1988年他得了中风,不能说话了,但是思维能力没有受影响。

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capacity noun (POSITION)

C1 [ S ] formal a particular position or job

She guides tourists at the Martin Luther King Jr. Birth Home in her capacity as a National Park Service ranger.
She was speaking in her capacity as a novelist, rather than as a television presenter. 她是作为小说家而不是电视节目主持人在发言。

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