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uk /ˈkær.i/ us /ˈker.i/

carry verb (TRANSPORT)

A1 [ I or T ] to hold something or someone with your hands, arms, or on your back and transport it, him, or her from one place to another

Would you like me to carry your bag for you? 要我帮你背包吗?
She carried her tired child upstairs to bed. 她将疲惫的孩子抱上楼去睡觉。
These books are too heavy for me to carry. 这些书太沉了,我搬不动。
We only had a small suitcase, so we were able to carry it onto the plane. 我们只有一只小手提箱,所以能拎着它登机。
Robson injured his leg in the second half of the match and had to be carried off. 罗布森在下半场比赛中腿部受伤,只好被抬到场外。
Thieves broke the shop window and carried off (= removed) jewellery worth thousands of pounds. 小偷打碎了商店的橱窗,拿走了价值几千英镑的珠宝。

B2 [ I or T ] to move someone or something from one place to another

The bus that was involved in the accident was carrying children to school. 出事的公共汽车当时正送孩子们去上学。
The Brooklyn Bridge carries traffic across the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan. 布鲁克林大桥横跨东河,连接布鲁克林与曼哈顿的交通运输。
Police think that the body was carried down the river (= was transported by the flow of the river). 警方认为尸体是顺河漂下来的。
Underground cables carry electricity to all parts of the city. 地下电缆将电力输送到该市各个地区。
Rubbish left on the beach during the day is carried away (= removed) at night by the tide. 白天扔在海滩上的垃圾到晚上被潮汐卷走了。

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carry verb (HAVE WITH YOU)

B1 [ T ] to have something with you all the time

Police officers in Britain do not usually carry guns. 英国警察通常不带枪。
figurative He will carry the memory of the accident with him (= will remember the accident) for ever. 他将永远铭记那次事故。

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carry verb (HAVE)

C2 [ T ] to have something as a part, quality, or result

All cigarette packets carry a government health warning. 所有的香烟盒上都印有政府的健康警告。
Our cars carry a twelve-month guarantee. 我们的汽车有12个月的保修期。
His speech carried so much conviction that I had to agree with him. 他的发言很有说服力,我只好赞同。
In some countries, murder carries the death penalty. 在有些国家,谋杀要被判死刑。
I'm afraid my opinion doesn't carry any weight with (= influence) my boss. 恐怕我的意见不会对我的老板产生任何影响。
US The salesclerk said they didn't carry (= have a supply of) sportswear. 售货员说他们不经销运动服装。

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carry verb (SPREAD)

C1 [ T ] to take something from one person or thing and give it to another person or thing

Malaria is a disease carried by mosquitoes. 疟疾是一种由蚊子传播的疾病。

carry verb (SUPPORT WEIGHT)

C2 [ T ] to support the weight of something without moving or breaking

The weight of the cathedral roof is carried by two rows of pillars. 大教堂的屋顶重量由两排柱子支撑着。

carry verb (KEEP IN OPERATION)

[ T ] to support, keep in operation, or make a success

We can no longer afford to carry people who don't work as hard as they should. 我们再也养不起不尽力工作的人了。
Luckily they had a very strong actor in the main part and he managed to carry the whole play (= make a success of it through his own performance). 幸运的是,他们有一位很具实力的男演员担纲,他撑起了整个剧。

carry verb (WIN)

[ T ] to win the support, agreement, or sympathy of a group of people

The bosses' plans to reorganize the company won't succeed unless they can carry the workforce with them. 管理层重组公司的计划不会成功,除非他们能赢得全体员工的支持。

carry verb (APPROVE)

[ T usually passive ] to give approval, especially by voting

The motion/proposal/resolution/bill was carried by 210 votes to 160. 该动议/提议/决议/法案以210票对160票获得通过。

carry verb (BROADCAST)

[ T ] (of a newspaper or radio or television broadcast) to contain particular information

This morning's newspapers all carry the same story on their front page. 今早的报纸都在头版刊登了相同的报道。

carry verb (REACH)

[ I ] to be able to reach or travel a particular distance

The sound of the explosion carried for miles. 爆炸声传出数英里。
The ball carried high into the air and landed the other side of the fence. 球高高飞上天,落在了栅栏的另一边。

carry verb (DEVELOP)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to develop or continue something

Lenin carried Marx's ideas a stage further by putting them into practice. 列宁通过付诸实践发展了马克思的思想。
If we carry this argument to its logical conclusion, we realize that further investment is not a good idea. 如果我们继续讨论并得出合乎逻辑的结论,就会认识到进一步投资是不明智的。
She carries tidiness to extremes/to its limits (= she is too tidy). 她整洁得过头了。
We must end here, but we can carry today's discussion forward at our next meeting. 我们必须到此结束了,但在下一次会议上,我们可继续今天的讨论。
He always carries his jokes too far (= he continues making jokes when he should have stopped). 他总是把玩笑开得很过头。

carry verb (MOVE BODY)

carry yourself

to move your body in a particular way

You can tell she's a dancer from the way that she carries herself. 你从她的举手投足间可以看出她是个舞蹈演员。

carry verb (MATHEMATICS)

[ T ] to put a number into another column when doing addition


carry verb (BE PREGNANT WITH)

[ T ] to be pregnant with a child

It was quite a shock to learn that she was carrying twins. 得知她怀了双胞胎,大家很吃惊。
I was enormous when I was carrying Josh. 我怀乔希的时候体形很笨重。

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