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carry on

phrasal verb with carry uk /ˈkær.i/ us /ˈker.i/ verb


informal to behave in an uncontrolled, excited, or anxious (= worried and nervous) way

The children have been carrying on all day. 孩子们一整天都吵吵闹闹的。


old-fashioned informal to have a sexual relationship

Is it true that Rachel and Marcus have been carrying on (with each other) ? 雷切尔和马库斯真有暧昧关系吗?


uk /ˈkær.i.ɒn/ us /ˈker.i.ɑːn/

carry-on noun (BEHAVIOUR)

[ S ] UK informal behaviour that shows you are annoyed, worried, not satisfied, or excited, usually more than the situation deserves

There was a real carry-on when Pat was found kissing Ashley. 当大家发现帕特吻阿什莉时很是大惊小怪。

carry-on noun (BAGGAGE)

[ C ] plural carry-ons mainly US a small case or bag that you take onto a plane with you


carry-onadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈkær.i.ɒn/ us /ˈker.i.ɑːn/ mainly US

relating to things that you take onto a plane with you

All carry-on baggage must be stored under your seat or in the overhead compartments. 所有随身携带的行李都必须放在座位底下或头顶上方的行李舱中。

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