Translation of "carry" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I or T ] (TRANSPORT) 运输 uk us /ˈkær.i/ US  /ˈker-/

to transport or take something from one place to another

Would you like me to carry your bag for you? 要我帮你背包吗?
She carried her tired child upstairs to bed. 她将疲惫的孩子抱上楼去睡觉。
These books are too heavy for me to carry. 这些书太沉了,我搬不动。
The bus that was involved in the accident was carrying children to school. 出事的公共汽车当时正送孩子们去上学。
The Brooklyn Bridge carries traffic across the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan. 布鲁克林大桥横跨东河,连接布鲁克林与曼哈顿的交通运输。
Police think that the body was carried down the river (= was transported by the flow of the river). 警方认为尸体是顺河漂下来的。
Underground cables carry electricity to all parts of the city. 地下电缆将电力输送到该市各个地区。
We only had a small suitcase, so we were able to carry it onto the plane. 我们只有一只小手提箱,所以能拎着它登机。
Rubbish left on the beach during the day is carried away (= removed) at night by the tide. 白天扔在海滩上的垃圾到晚上被潮汐卷走了。
Thieves broke the shop window and carried off (= removed) jewellery worth thousands of pounds. 小偷打碎了商店的橱窗,拿走了价值几千英镑的珠宝。
Robson injured his leg in the second half of the match and had to be carried off. 罗布森在下半场比赛中腿部受伤,只好被抬到场外。

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