Translation of "carry" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (HAVE) uk us /ˈkær.i/ US  /ˈker-/

to have something as a part, quality or result

All cigarette packets carry a government health warning. 所有的香烟盒上都印有政府的健康警告。
Our cars carry a twelve-month guarantee. 我们的汽车有12个月的保修期。
His speech carried so much conviction that I had to agree with him. 他的发言很有说服力,我只好赞同。
In some countries, murder carries the death penalty. 在有些国家,谋杀要被判死刑。
I'm afraid my opinion doesn't carry any weight with (= influence) my boss. 恐怕我的意见不会对我的老板产生任何影响。
US The salesclerk said they didn't carry (= have a supply of) sportswear. 售货员说他们不经销运动服装。

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