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UK US catalog uk /ˈkæt.əl.ɒɡ/ us /ˈkæt̬.əl.ɑːɡ/

catalogue noun (LIST)

B2 [ C ] a book with a list of all the goods that you can buy from a shop

a mail-order catalogue 邮购目录

[ C ] a list of all the books, paintings, etc. that exist in a place


More examples

catalogue noun (BAD EVENTS)

[ S ] A catalogue of unwanted events is a series of them.

The whole holiday was a catalogue of disasters. 整个假期祸事接二连三。
a catalogue of errors/crimes/complaints 一连串的错误/罪行/抱怨

catalogueverb [ T ]

uk /ˈkæt.əl.ɒɡ/ us /ˈkæt̬.əl.ɑːɡ/

to record something, especially in a list

Many plants become extinct before they have even been catalogued. 许多植物甚至还没来得及编入目录就已经灭绝了。

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