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centrenoun [ C ]

UK US center uk /ˈsen.tər/ us /ˈsen.t̬ɚ/

centre noun [ C ] (MIDDLE)

A2 the middle point or part

There was a large table in the centre of the room. 屋子中央有张大桌子。
the town centre 市中心
centre of attention

C2 the person or thing that everyone is most interested in and pays most attention to

She's the centre of attention everywhere she goes. 她不论走到哪里都是众人瞩目的焦点。
be at the centre of sth

to be most involved in a situation

Mark was at the centre of the argument. 马克处于争论的风口浪尖上。
A social worker was at the centre of the scandal. 一位社会工作者处于这起丑闻的漩涡之中。

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centre noun [ C ] (PLACE)

A2 a place or building, especially one where a particular activity happens

a sports/leisure/health centre 体育/休闲/保健中心
a garden/shopping centre 园艺/购物中心
Grants will be given to establish centres of excellence (= places where a particular activity is done extremely well) in this field of research. 将会拨款在这一领域建立出色的研究中心。

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centrenoun [ S, + sing/pl verb ], adjective

UK US center uk /ˈsen.tər/ us /ˈsen.t̬ɚ/

C2 in politics, the people in a group who hold opinions that are not extreme but are between two opposites

His political views are known to be left of/right of centre. 人们知道他的政治观点属于中间偏左/右。
a centre left party 中左派(政党)

centreverb [ T ]

UK US center uk /ˈsen.tər/ us /ˈsen.t̬ɚ/

to put something in the middle of an area

Centre (= put at equal distances from the left and right sides of the page) all the headings in this document. 把这份文件中的所有标题居中。

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