Translation of "chain" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (RINGS) 链条 uk us /tʃeɪn/

[ C or U ] (a length of) rings usually made of metal which are connected together and used for fastening, pulling, supporting, or limiting freedom, or as jewellery

The gates were locked with a padlock and a heavy steel chain. 大门被一把挂锁和一根沉重的钢链锁着。
Put the chain on the door if you are alone in the house. 你要是一个人在家就把链子钩在门上。
Mary was wearing a beautiful silver chain around her neck. 玛丽的脖子上戴着一条漂亮的银项链。
in chains

tied with chains

The hostages were kept in chains for 23 hours a day. 人质们一天里有23小时戴着镣铐。

[ plural ] a fact or situation that limits a person's freedom

At last the country has freed itself from the chains of the authoritarian regime. 这个国家最终从独裁政权的束缚中解放了出来。

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