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uk /tʃɑːm/ us /tʃɑːrm/

charm noun (ATTRACTION)

B2 [ C or U ] a quality that makes you like or feel attracted to someone or something

a woman of great charm 魅力十足的女人
It's a town with a lot of old-world charm. 这是座极具古朴魅力的城镇。
Even as a young boy he knew how to turn on the charm (= be pleasant intentionally) when he wanted something. 即使在小的时候,他也知道在想要东西时怎样施展魅力。
I had to use all my charms to get them to lend us the hall. 我不得不施展出所有魅力让他们把礼堂借给我们。

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charm noun (LUCKY OBJECT)

C2 [ C ] an object or saying that is thought to have magical powers, such as the ability to bring good luck

He keeps a rabbit's paw as a lucky/good luck charm. 他保留着一只兔爪作为能带来好运的护身符。

charm noun (JEWELLERY)

[ C ] a small object, especially one made of gold or silver, worn on a chain as jewellery


charmverb [ T often passive ]

uk /tʃɑːm/ us /tʃɑːrm/

C2 to attract someone or persuade someone to do something because of your charm

We were charmed by his boyish manner. 我们被他天真烂漫的男孩气质迷住了。

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