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uk /ˈtʃɑː.tər/ us /ˈtʃɑːr.t̬ɚ/

charter noun (OFFICIAL PAPER)

[ C ] a formal statement of the rights of a country's people, or of an organization or a particular social group, that is agreed by or demanded from a ruler or government

a charter of rights 人权宪章
Education is one of the basic human rights written into the United Nations Charter. 受教育权是写入《联合国宪章》的基本人权之一。
The government has produced a Citizen's/Parents'/Patients' Charter. 政府制定了一套公民/家长/患者权利章程。

charter noun (RENT)

[ U ] the renting of a vehicle

boats for charter 供租赁的船只
a charter flight 包机航班
a major charter operator 大包租运营公司

charterverb [ T ]

uk /ˈtʃɑː.tər/ us /ˈtʃɑːr.t̬ɚ/

charter verb [ T ] (RENT)

to rent a vehicle, especially an aircraft, for a special use and not as part of a regular service

They've chartered a plane to take delegates to the conference. 他们包了一架飞机送代表参加会议。

charter verb [ T ] (OFFICIAL START)

to officially start a new organization by giving it a charter

Cambridge University Press was chartered in 1534. 剑桥大学出版社是于1534年特许成立的。

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