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chatverb [ I ]

uk /tʃæt/ us /tʃæt/ -tt-

A2 to talk to someone in a friendly informal way

She spends hours on the phone chatting to her friends. 她会花上几个小时跟朋友电话聊天。
We were just chatting about what we did last weekend. 我们正在聊上个周末做了些什么。
Whenever I walk in, I always find the two of them chatting away (= talking eagerly). 每次我走进去都会发现他俩正聊得起劲。

A2 to take part in a discussion that involves sending messages over the internet, by smartphone, etc.

Use the app to chat and send photos free from anywhere in the world.

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chatnoun [ C or U ]

uk /tʃæt/ us /tʃæt/

A2 a friendly, informal conversation

Why don't you give me a call and we'll have a chat? 为什么你不给我打个电话,我们好好聊一聊呢?
I had a chat with my boss today about a possible salary increase. 今天我和老板随便聊了一下可能涨工资的事。
It was the usual idle chat (= conversation about unimportant things). 那不过是普通的闲聊。
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