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uk /tʃek/ us /tʃek/

check verb (EXAMINE)

A2 [ I or T ] to make certain that something or someone is correct, safe, or suitable by examining it, him, or her quickly

You should always check your oil, water, and tyres before taking your car on a long trip. 你每次开车长途旅行前都应当检查一下油箱、水箱和轮胎。
Customs stopped us and checked (= searched) our bags for alcohol and cigarettes. 海关人员让我们停了下来,检查我们的包里有没有烟酒。
After I'd finished the exam, I checked my answers for mistakes. 我做完考卷后检查答案有没有错误。
The doctor will call next week to check on your progress. 下星期医生会来检查你恢复得怎么样。
I check on (= visits) our elderly neighbour every few days to make sure that he's alright. 我妻子每过几天就去看望我们年迈的邻居,看他是否一切都好。
[ + (that) ] I always check (that) I've shut the windows before I leave the house. 离开家前我总要检查一下,看窗户是否都已关好。
He double-checked all the doors (= checked them all twice) before leaving the house. 他离开这幢房子前又把所有的门都检查了两遍。
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check verb (STOP)

[ T ] to stop someone from doing or saying something, or to prevent something from increasing or continuing

They have begun to vaccinate children in an attempt to check the spread of the disease. 为了控制疾病的蔓延,他们开始给孩子们注射疫苗。

check verb (LEAVE)

[ T ] mainly US to leave something with someone at a particular place, so that they can take care of it for a short time

It was hot so we checked our coats before going round the gallery. 天气太热了,所以我们先寄存了衣服再去参观画廊。

check verb (AGREE)

[ I ] mainly US If information checks, it agrees with other information.

Her statement checks with most of the eye-witness reports. 她的陈述与大多数目击证人的报告相吻合。

check verb (MARK)

A1 mainly US UK usually tick [ I or T ] to mark something with a check

Check (off) each item on the list as you complete it. 每完成一个项目就在清单上把该项目钩上。

check verb (CHESS)

[ T ] specialized games in the game of chess, to put the other player's king under direct attack, so that he or she is forced to defend against the attack in the next move



uk /tʃek/ us /tʃek/

check noun (MONEY)

[ C ] US spelling of cheque


check noun (EXAMINATION)

B1 [ C ] an examination of something in order to make certain that it is correct or the way it should be

The soldiers gave their equipment a final check before setting off. 出发前士兵们对他们的装备做了最后一次检查。
"I can't find my keys." "Have another check in/through your jacket pockets." “我找不到钥匙了。”“在你夹克衫口袋里再找一找。”
Security checks have become really strict at the airport. 机场的安全检查变得十分严格。
The police are carrying out spot checks on (= quick examinations of a limited number of) drivers over the Christmas period to test for alcohol levels. 圣诞节期间,警察对司机们进行了酒精度抽检。
It's my job to keep a check on stock levels. 随时检查库存量是我的工作。
I'll just run a check on (= find information about) that name for you in the computer. 我这就在电脑里给你查询这个名字。

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check noun (PATTERN)

[ C or U ] a pattern of squares formed by lines of different colours crossing each other

a shirt with a pattern of blue and yellow checks 蓝黄相间的格子衬衫
a grey check suit 灰色格子西服

check noun (RESTAURANT)

A2 US [ C ] a bill noun in a restaurant, etc.

Can I have the check, please? 请给我结账,好吗?

check noun (LIMIT)

hold/keep sth in check

to limit something

We need to find ways of keeping our expenditure in check. 我们必须想办法限制我们的开销。
checks and balances

rules intended to prevent one person or group from having too much power within an organization

A system of checks and balances exists to ensure that our government is truly democratic. 制衡制度的存在是为了确保我们的政府真正民主。

check noun (MARK)

A2 [ C ] mainly US UK usually tick a mark (✓) that shows that something is correct or has been done

Put a check by/against the names of the people who have accepted the invitation. 在接受邀请的人的姓名上打钩。

check noun (CHESS)

in check specialized

If your king is in check in chess, it is being directly attacked by the other player.

Your king is in check from my knight. 你的王被我的马将死了。


uk /tʃek/ us /tʃek/

check exclamation (YES)

mainly US used to say yes to someone who is making certain that all the things on a list have been dealt with or included

"Did you bring your sleeping bag?" "Check." "Pillow?" "Check." “你带睡袋了吗?”“带了。”“枕头呢?”“带了。”

check exclamation (CHESS)

specialized games something you say in chess, if you directly attack the other player's king


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