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uk /tʃɪp/ us /tʃɪp/

chip noun (FRIED FOOD)

A1 [ C usually plural ] UK US French fry a long, thin piece of potato that is fried and usually eaten hot

fish and chips 炸鱼加土豆条
beans/egg/sausage and chips 豆子/鸡蛋/香肠加薯条
oven chips (= chips that are baked in an oven rather than fried) 烤薯条

A2 [ C usually plural ] US US also potato chip, UK (potato) crisp a very thin, often round piece of fried potato, sometimes with a flavour added, sold especially in plastic bags

a bag of chips 一包炸薯片

[ C usually plural ] a thin slice of fried maize, banana, or other food that is eaten cold

tortilla chips and salsa
banana chips 炸香蕉片

More examples

  • Cod and chips, please.
  • He consumes vast quantities of chips with every meal.
  • Joe demolished an enormous plateful of sausages and chips.
  • The children seem to exist on a diet of burgers and chips.
  • I've just bought a deep-fat fryer for cooking chips.

chip noun (COMPUTER PART)

B2 [ C ] also microchip a very small piece of semiconductor, especially in a computer, that contains extremely small electronic circuits and devices, and can perform particular operations

a silicon chip 硅芯片

More examples

  • The computer chip compresses and decompresses a colour image in less than a second.
  • The invention of the silicon chip was a landmark in the history of the computer.
  • The silicon chip is a classic example of the benefits of miniaturization.
  • Using a single chip reduces (the) noise on the output signal by 90%.
  • We use a Pentium chip.

chip noun (PIECE)

[ C ] a small piece that has been broken off a larger object, or the mark left on an object such as a cup, plate, etc. where a small piece has been broken off it

wood chips 木屑
Polly fell and knocked a chip out of her front tooth. 波莉摔了一跤,磕掉了一小块门牙。
This mug's got a chip in it/out of it. 这个缸子上有个豁口。

chip noun (PLASTIC COIN)

[ C ] a small plastic disc used to represent a particular amount of money in gambling

figurative The hostages are being held as a bargaining chip by terrorist organizations. 恐怖组织扣押了人质作为讨价还价的筹码。

chip noun (SPORT)

[ C ] a kick in football or a hit in golf, in which the ball goes high into the air for a short time

His splendid chip from the 18 yard line caught the goalkeeper off his line.

chipverb [ I or T ]

uk /tʃɪp/ us /tʃɪp/ -pp-

chip verb [ I or T ] (BREAK)

to break a small piece off something by accident

I wish my nail polish wouldn't keep chipping. 我希望我的指甲油不要老掉。
He's chipped a bone in his wrist. 他腕关节有一块骨头裂了。

chip verb [ I or T ] (KICK/HIT)

to kick a football or hit a golf ball high into the air for a short distance.

Berbatov managed to sidestep a tackle and chip the keeper.

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