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uk /tʃɜːn/ us /tʃɝːn/

churn verb (MOVE/MIX)

[ T ] also churn up to move something, especially a liquid, with great force

The sea was churned up by heavy winds. 狂风搅得大海白浪滔天。

[ T ] to mix milk until it becomes butter


[ I ] If your stomach is churning, you feel ill, usually because you are nervous.

I had my driving test that morning and my stomach was churning. 参加驾照考试的那天早上,我的胃里一直在翻腾。

churn verb (CUSTOMERS)

[ I or T ] specialized business If customers churn between different companies that provide a particular service, they change repeatedly from one to another.


Phrasal verb(s)


uk /tʃɜːn/ us /tʃɝːn/

churn noun (CONTAINER)

[ C ] a large container for transporting milk or for making milk into butter

a milk churn 盛奶罐
a butter churn 搅乳器

churn noun (CUSTOMERS)

[ S or U ] specialized also churn rate business the number of customers who decide to stop using a service offered by one company and to use another company, usually because it offers a better service or price

Internet and cable television companies suffer from a high churn rate. 互联网公司和有线电视公司的用户流失率很高。

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