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uk /kleɪm/ us /kleɪm/

claim verb (SAY)

B2 [ T ] to say that something is true or is a fact, although you cannot prove it and other people might not believe it

[ + (that) ] The company claims (that) it is not responsible for the pollution in the river. 公司声称对该河流污染没有责任。
[ + to infinitive ] He claims to have met the president, but I don't believe him. 他声称见过总统,可是我不信。
All parties have claimed success in yesterday's elections. 所有党派都声称在昨天的选举中取得了胜利。
An unknown terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this morning's bomb attack. 一不知名的恐怖组织声称对今天上午的炸弹袭击事件负责。

[ T ] If an organization or group claims a particular number of members, that number of people are believed to belong to it.


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claim verb (DEMAND)

B2 [ T ] to ask for something of value because you think it belongs to you or because you think you have a right to it

The police said that if no one claims the watch, you can keep it. 警方说如果没人认领这块表,你可以留着它。
When King Richard III died, Henry VII claimed the English throne. 理查德三世去世后,亨利七世要求继承英格兰王位。

B2 [ I or T ] to make a written demand for money from a government or organization because you think you have a right to it

The number of people claiming unemployment benefits has risen sharply this month. 这个月要求领取失业救济金的人数激增。
Don't forget to claim (for) your travelling expenses after the interview. 采访后别忘了报销你的路费。
UK When my bike was stolen, I claimed on the insurance and got £150 back. 我的自行车被偷后,我按保险索赔,拿回了150英镑。
UK If the shop won't give me a replacement TV, I'll claim my money back. 如果商店不给我换台电视,我就要求退钱。
claim damages

to make an official request for money after an accident, from the person who caused your injuries


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claimnoun [ C ]

uk /kleɪm/ us /kleɪm/

claim noun [ C ] (STATEMENT)

C1 a statement that something is true or is a fact, although other people might not believe it

He said the police assaulted him while he was in custody, a claim that the police deny. 他说警察在他被拘留期间殴打了他,而警方否认了这种说法。
[ + that ] The government's claim that it would reduce taxes proved false. 政府要减税的说法被证实是假的。
Can you give any evidence to support your claim? 你能给出证据支持你的说法吗?
He made wild claims about being able to cure cancer. 他夸下海口说自己能治愈癌症。

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claim noun [ C ] (DEMAND)

B2 a written request asking an organization to pay you an amount of money that you believe they owe you

After her house was burgled, she made a claim on her insurance. 她家被盗后,她要求按保单赔付。
Please submit your claim for travelling expenses to the accounts department. 请将差旅费的报销单交到会计部办理。

a right to have something or get something from someone

She has no rightful claim to the title. 她并没有获得这一头衔的正当权利。
Our neighbours have no claim to (= cannot say that they own) that strip of land between our houses. 我们的邻居无权拥有我们两家房屋之间的那块狭长空地。
My ex-wife has no claims on me (= has no right to any of my money). 我前妻没有权利向我索要钱财。

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