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uk /ˈklæs.ɪk/ us /ˈklæs.ɪk/

classic adjective (HIGH QUALITY)

B2 having a high quality or standard against which other things are judged

Fielding's classic novel "Tom Jones" 你有没有读过菲尔丁的经典小说《汤姆‧琼斯》?
Another classic goal there from Corley! 科利又踢进一个漂亮球!

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classic adjective (EXTREMELY FUNNY/BAD)

informal extremely or unusually funny, bad, or annoying

Then she fell over backwards into the flowerbed - it was absolutely classic! 然后她仰面倒进了花坛——真是太滑稽了!
That was classic! That van-driver signalled right, and then turned left. 太可恶了!那个货车司机打右转的信号,可是却向左转弯了!

classic adjective (TYPICAL)

having all the characteristics or qualities that you expect

He's a classic example of a kid who's clever but lazy. 他是个典型的聪明却懒惰的孩子。
He had all the classic symptoms of the disease. 他具有这种病的所有典型症状。

informal disapproving bad or unpleasant, but not very surprising or unexpected

It's classic - you arrive at the station on time and find that the train's left early. 事情就是那样倒霉——你按时赶到车站却发现火车提早开走了。

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classic adjective (TRADITIONAL)

having a simple, traditional style that is always fashionable

She wore a classic navy suit. 她身着一套传统式样的海军服。


uk /ˈklæs.ɪk/ us /ˈklæs.ɪk/

classic noun (HIGH QUALITY)

B2 [ C ] a piece of writing, a musical recording, or a film that is well known and of a high standard and lasting value

Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" is a classic of English literature. 简•奥斯汀的《傲慢与偏见》是英国文学中的经典作品。
Many of the Rolling Stones' records have become rock classics. 滚石乐队的许多唱片已成为摇滚乐的经典之作。
the classics [ plural ]

the most famous works of literature

I spent my childhood reading the classics. 我把童年花在阅读经典文学作品上了。

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classic noun (STUDY)

classics [ U ]

the study of ancient Greek and Roman culture, especially their languages and literature

She studied/read classics at Cambridge. 她在剑桥学习古希腊和古罗马文化研究。
a classics scholar. 研究古希腊和古罗马文化的学者

classic noun (TRADITIONAL)

[ C ] a piece of clothing that is always fashionable

A long wool coat is a classic no one should be without. 羊毛大衣应该是衣橱里必不可少的经典服装。

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