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uk /ˈklæs.ɪ.kəl/ us /ˈklæs.ɪ.kəl/

classical adjective (MUSIC)

A2 Classical music is considered to be part of a long, formal tradition and to be of lasting value.

Do you prefer classical music like Mozart and Mahler, or pop? 你喜欢莫扎特和马勒这样的古典音乐还是流行音乐?

specialized music used to refer to a style of music written in Europe between about 1750 and 1830

The works of Haydn and Mozart belong to the classical period. 海顿、莫扎特、贝多芬以及舒伯特的成熟作品均产于欧洲古典主义音乐时期。

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classical adjective (TRADITIONAL)

C2 traditional in style or form, or based on methods developed over a long period of time

Does she study classical ballet or modern ballet? 她学的是古典芭蕾还是现代芭蕾?
He is one of our greatest classical actors. 他是最伟大的古典派演员之一。

used to describe something that is attractive because it has a simple, traditional style

I love the classical lines of his dress designs. 我喜欢他服装设计中简洁典雅的线条。

classical adjective (CULTURE)

belonging to or relating to the culture of ancient Rome and Greece

the classical world 古希腊和古罗马文化世界
classical literature 古希腊和古罗马文学
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