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uk /klɪk/ us /klɪk/


A2 [ I or T ] to carry out a computer operation by pressing a button on the mouse or keyboard

If you want to open a file, click twice on the icon for it. 如果你想打开一个文件,双击该文件图标。
When you have selected the file you want, click the "Open" box. 选中了你想要的文件,用鼠标点击“打开”方框。

More examples

click verb (MAKE SOUND)

C2 [ I or T ] to make a short, sharp sound, or to make something do this

The door clicked shut behind her. 门在她身后咔嗒一声关上了。
Can you hear that strange clicking noise? 你能听到咔嗒咔嗒的怪声吗?
UK Paul clicked his fingers (= moved his thumb against his middle finger to make a short sharp sound) to attract the waiter's attention. 保罗打了个响指叫侍者。
Soldiers click their heels (= bring them sharply together) when they stand to attention. 士兵们立正时脚后跟咔嚓相碰。

click verb (BECOME FRIENDLY)

C2 [ I ] informal to become friendly or popular

Liz and I really clicked the first time we met. 莉兹和我一见如故。
The new daytime soap opera has yet to show signs that it's clicking with the television audience. 尚无迹象表明新日间肥皂剧受到电视观众的欢迎。

click verb (BECOME CLEAR)

C2 [ I ] informal to be understood, or become clear suddenly

Suddenly everything clicked and I realized where I'd met him. 突然一切都清楚了,我意识到自己在哪里见过他了。
[ + question word ] As he talked about his schooldays, it suddenly clicked where I had met him before. 当他谈起自己的学校生活时,我突然想起来我曾经在哪儿见过他了。
[ + that ] So it's finally clicked that you're going to have to get yourself a job, has it? 所以,你最后终于明白你必须给自己找份工作,是吗?
In the last act of the play, everything clicks into place. 在戏的最后一幕,一切都真相大白了。

clicknoun [ C ]

uk /klɪk/ us /klɪk/

click noun [ C ] (SOUND)

a short, sharp sound

The soldier gave a click of his heels as he saluted. 士兵敬礼的时候脚后跟咔嚓一声并拢。

click noun [ C ] (COMPUTER OPERATION)

A2 the act of pressing a button on the mouse (= small control device) of a computer to operate it


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