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clobberverb [ T ]

uk /ˈklɒb.ər/ us /ˈklɑː.bɚ/ informal

clobber verb [ T ] (HIT)

to hit someone or something hard and repeatedly

If you do that again, I'll clobber you (one). 你再干那事,我会狠揍你一顿。

to punish someone

The government is proposing new measures to clobber tax dodgers. 政府正在拟议新的措施来严惩逃税者。

to harm someone financially

The new supermarket is really going to clobber the small local shops. 新超市确实会使当地的小店铺蒙受巨大的经济损失。

clobber verb [ T ] (DEFEAT)

to defeat completely

The government clobbered the opposition's proposals. 政府彻底否决了反对党的提议。

clobbernoun [ U ]

uk /ˈklɒb.ər/ us /ˈklɑː.bɚ/ UK informal

possessions, especially those that you carry around with you, or clothes

I've got far too much clobber in my handbag. 我提包里的东西太多了。
Did you bring all your tennis clobber? 打网球用的东西你都带好了吗?

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