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uk /kəʊld/ us /koʊld/

cold adjective (LOW TEMPERATURE)

A1 at a low temperature, especially when compared to the temperature of the human body, and not hot, or warm

a cold day/house 冷天/寒冷的房子
cold food/water 冰冷的食物/凉水
cold hands 冰凉的手
cold weather 寒冷的天气
My feet are so cold. 我的双脚冰凉。
It's freezing cold today. 今天冷极了。
You'll feel cold if you don't wear a coat. 如果不穿外套你会觉得冷的。

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cold adjective (UNFRIENDLY)

B1 not showing kindness, love, or emotion and not friendly

His handshake was cold, and his eyes lifeless. 他握手时很冷淡,眼睛毫无生气。
He stared into her cold, blue eyes. 他凝视着她冷漠的蓝眼晴。
She would never feel welcome in this city with its cold, unsmiling inhabitants. 置身这个城市里冷漠、面无笑容的居民之中,她永远不会感到受欢迎。
The school was a cold, unwelcoming place. 这所学校是个冷冰冰、毫无亲切感的地方。


uk /kəʊld/ us /koʊld/

cold noun (ILLNESS)

A2 [ C ] a common infection, especially in the nose and throat, that often causes a cough, a slight fever, and sometimes some pain in the muscles

I've got a cold. 我着凉了。
She caught a cold at school. 她在学校感冒了。
UK informal Don't come near me - I've got a stinking/streaming cold (= extremely bad cold). 别靠近我——我得了重感冒。


B1 [ S or U ] cold weather or temperatures

Don't stand out there in the cold, come in here and get warm. 外面冷,别站在那儿,进来暖和暖和。
Old people tend to feel the cold (= feel uncomfortable in cold temperatures) more than the young. 老年人往往比年轻人怕冷。
My feet were numb with cold. 我的脚冻麻了。

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