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noun (EDUCATION) 教育 uk us /ˈkɒl.ɪdʒ/ US  /ˈkɑː.lɪdʒ/

[ C or U ] any place for specialized education after the age of 16 where people study or train to get knowledge and/or skills

a teacher training college 师范学院
a secretarial college 文秘专科学校
a Naval college 海军学校
UK a sixth form college 预科学校
She's at art college. 她在艺术学院学习。

[ C or U ] US university

You have to go to (= study at) college for a lot of years if you want to be a doctor. 如果你想当医生,就得在大学里学习好多年。

[ C ] one of the separate and named parts into which some universities are divided

King's College, Cambridge 剑桥大学国王学院
I attended the College of Arts and Sciences at New York University. 我就读于纽约大学的文理学院。
Cambridge has some very fine old colleges (= college buildings). 剑桥大学有一些非常优美古雅的学院大楼。

[ C ] in Britain and Australia, used in the names of some schools for children, especially those where education is paid for

Cheltenham Ladies' College 切尔滕纳姆女子公学

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