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columnnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈkɒl.əm/ us /ˈkɑː.ləm/

column noun [ C ] (PRINTING)

B2 one of several vertical blocks of print into which a page of a newspaper or magazine is divided

I didn't have time to read the whole article - just the first column. 我没有时间读整篇文章——只看了第一栏。

a piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine, usually on a particular subject, that is always written by the same person and appears regularly

She writes a weekly fashion/gossip column for the Evening Standard. 她每周都在《旗帜晚报》的时尚/漫谈专栏中发表文章。

C1 any vertical block of words or numbers

Add the column of figures and divide the sum by three. 把这列数字相加,再将总数除以3。

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column noun [ C ] (BUILDING)

B2 a tall, vertical stone post, used as a support for a roof or in classical buildings (= in the style of ancient Greece or Rome) for decoration, or standing alone as a monument (= a symbol of respect for a special person or event)

The roof of the temple was held up by a row of thick stone columns. 这座寺庙的屋顶由一排粗大的石柱支撑着。
Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square 特拉法尔加广场上的纳尔逊纪念碑
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column of sth

something with a tall, narrow shape

A column of smoke rose from the chimney. 烟囱里冒出了一柱烟。

a line of moving people or vehicles

a column of refugees 一队难民

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