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uk /kəmˈbaɪn/ us /kəmˈbaɪn/

B2 [ I or T ] to (cause to) exist together, or join together to make a single thing or group

None of us has much money so let's combine what we've got. 我们谁都没多少钱,因此就把我们所有的钱凑在一起吧。
Sickness, combined with (= together with) terrible weather, contrived to ruin the trip. 疾病,加上恶劣的天气,毁掉了这次旅行。
The two countries combined against their common enemy. 两国联合起来对抗共同的敌人。
[ + to infinitive ] These normally harmless substances combine to form a highly poisonous gas. 通常情况下这些是无害物质,但混合在一起后会形成一种毒性很强的气体。

[ T ] If someone combines two or more qualities, they have both of those qualities.

As a writer, he combined wit and/with passion. 作为一名作家,他既诙谐又不乏激情。

[ T ] to do two activities at the same time

She manages to successfully combine family life and/with a career. 她成功地做到了家庭事业两不误。

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uk /ˈkɒm.baɪn/ us /ˈkɑːm.baɪn/

combine noun (GROUP)

[ C, + sing/pl verb ] a group of people or organizations acting together in business

a Japanese industrial combine

combine noun (MACHINE)

[ C ] also combine harvester a large farming machine that cuts the plant, separates the seed from the stem, and cleans the grain as it moves across a field


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