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come off

phrasal verb with come uk /kʌm/ us /kʌm/ verb came, come

C1 informal to happen as planned, or to succeed

There was some sort of property deal that didn't come off. 有笔房地产交易没有做成。
I tried telling a few jokes but they didn't come off (= no one laughed). 我试着讲了几个笑话,但没有奏效。
come off better/worse/badly/well

to finish in a particular condition after a fight, argument, etc., especially compared to someone else

The smaller dog actually came off better, with only a few scratches. 那只小一点的狗实际上表现得更为出色,身上只有几处抓痕而已。
I always come off worse when we argue. 我们争吵时我总是落下风。

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