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uk /kəˈmɑːn.dɪŋ/ us /kəˈmæn.dɪŋ/

commanding adjective (WITH AUTHORITY)

[ before noun ] having the authority to give orders

a commanding officer 指挥官

A commanding voice or manner seems to have authority and therefore demands your attention.

his commanding presence 他的威严气度

commanding adjective (STRONG POSITION)

[ before noun ] in a very successful position and likely to win or succeed

He has a commanding lead in the championships. 他在锦标赛中遥遥领先。
a commanding position/view formal

a position or view from which a lot of land can be seen

The house occupies a commanding position at the top of the valley. 这所房子位于山谷顶上一个居高临下的位置。

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