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uk /ˈkʌm.pə.ni/ us /ˈkʌm.pə.ni/

company noun (BUSINESS)

A2 [ C ] an organization that sells goods or services in order to make money

He works for a software company/a company that makes software. 他在一家软件公司工作。
I work for Duggan and Company. 我在达根公司工作。
No smoking is company policy. 禁止吸烟是公司的规定。

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company noun (OTHER PEOPLE)

B2 [ U ] the fact of being with a person or people, or the person or people you are with

I just enjoy his company. 有他陪伴我感到很愉快。
It was a long trip and I was grateful for his company. 旅途漫漫,我感谢有他作伴。
I enjoy my own company (= I like being alone). 我喜欢独处。
I travelled in the company of (= with) two teachers as far as Istanbul. 我和两位老师结伴而行,一直到了伊斯坦布尔。
I'd rather you didn't mention it when we're in company (= with other people). 当着他人的面,我觉得你最好不要提起那件事。
I didn't realize you had company (= were with someone/people). 我不知道你有伴儿。
Margot came to stay for a week as company for my mother while I was away. 在我离家期间,玛戈到我家来住了1个星期,给我母亲作伴。
With only her thoughts for company (= being alone), she walked slowly along the beach. 她慢慢地沿着海滨散步,独自一人沉思着。
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be good company

C1 to be pleasant and entertaining to be with

You'll like Rosie - she's good company. 你会喜欢罗茜的——她是个好伙伴。
for company

If you do something for company, you do it to make you feel as if you are not alone.

I usually have the radio on for company. 我一般会开着收音机,为的是有伴儿。
keep sb company

B2 to stay with someone so that they are not alone

I'll keep you company till the train comes. 火车到来之前我会一直陪着你。

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company noun (THEATRICAL GROUP)

[ C ] a group of actors, singers, or dancers who perform together

She's in the National Theatre Company. 她是皇家国立剧团的演员。
I'd like to thank the director, the choreographer and the other members of the company for being so supportive. 我想对导演、编舞及剧团其他成员的大力支持表示感谢。

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company noun (GROUP)

[ C, + sing/pl verb ] a large group of soldiers. especially a division of a battalion


[ C, + sing/pl verb ] UK an organized group of young women who are Guides

My cousin and I joined the same Guide company. 我表姐和我加入了同一支女童子军大队。

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