Translation of "conception" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C or U ] (IDEA) 想法 uk us /kənˈsep.ʃən/

an idea of what something or someone is like, or a basic understanding of a situation or a principle

People from different cultures have different conceptions of the world. 不同文化背景的人对世界持有不同的看法。
She has a conception of people as being basically good. 她认为人性本善。
I thought the book's writing was dreadful, and its conception (= the ideas on which it was based) even worse. 我认为这本书写得很差,其构思更是糟糕。
He has absolutely no conception of how a successful business should run. 他根本就不知道成功的企业应当如何经营。

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