Translation of "concern" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (INVOLVE) 涉及 uk us /kənˈsɜːn/ US  /-ˈsɝːn/

[ T ] to be important to someone or to involve someone directly

Matters of pollution and the environment concern us all. 污染和环境的问题事关我们每个人。
What I have to say to Amy doesn't concern you. 我要跟埃米说的事与你无关。

[ T ] formal If a story, film or article concerns a particular subject, person, etc., it is about that person or subject

The film concerns a woman who goes to China as a missionary. 电影讲述的是一位去中国传教的女子的故事。
concern yourself

to become involved with something, or worried about something

There's no need for you to concern yourself with what happened. 你不用操心发生了什么事情。
Don't concern yourself. She'll be home soon. 别担心,她很快就会回家的。
To whom it may concern

something you write at the start of a formal letter or notice when you do not know exactly who it should be sent to


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