Translation of "concern" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (IMPORTANT TO) 关切 uk us /kənˈsɜːn/ US  /-ˈsɝːn/

[ C or U ] something that is important to you, or when something is important

[ + to infinitive ] His concern to appear sophisticated amused everyone. 他一心要显得老练,让大家觉得很好笑。
The company's sole concern is to ensure the safety of its employees. 公司唯一关注的是要确保其员工的安全。
There's a matter of some concern that I have to discuss with you. 我有件重要的事得跟你商量。

[ C or U ] something that involves or affects you or is important to you

What were the major concerns of the writers from this period? 这一时期作家们主要关注的是什么?
I don't want to hear about it - it's no concern of mine! 我不想听那事——它与我无关!
"What's happening?" "That's none of/not any of your concern." “发生什么事了?”“不关你的事。”
be of concern

to be important

The results of the election are of concern to us all. 选举的结果对我们所有人都有重大影响。

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