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uk /kəˈnekt/ us /kəˈnekt/

connect verb (JOIN)

B1 [ I or T ] to join or be joined with something else

Can I connect my printer to your computer? 我能把我的打印机连在你的计算机上吗?
Where does the stove connect (up) to the electricity? 这炉具在哪儿接电源?
Has the phone/electricity/gas/internet been connected (= switched on or joined to the main supply) in your new place yet? 你们的新居通电话/电/煤气了吗?

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connect verb (RELATE)

C2 [ T ] to consider or show a person or thing to be related to someone or something else

She's an actress I connect with the theatre rather than films. 这个女演员让我联想到的是戏剧而不是电影。
Police are connecting the break-in with other recent thefts in the area. 警方正把这起入室行窃案和近期该地区其他失窃案联系起来。

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connect verb (PHONE)

[ T ] to make it possible for you to speak to someone else by phone

Could you connect me with/to a number in Paris, please? I'm not getting through. 能帮我接通巴黎的一个号码吗?我好像打不通。

connect verb (TRANSPORT)

[ I ] If two buses, trains, etc. connect, they arrive at times that allow passengers to get off one and onto another.

Your flight arrives at 12.30, when it connects with a bus service to your hotel. 您的航班10点到达马拉加,那儿有联运长途客车到您入住的酒店。
There's a connecting train service between the airport and the city. 机场和该市之间有火车联运。

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