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uk /kənˈsɪd.ər/ us /kənˈsɪd.ɚ/

consider verb (POSSIBILITY)

B1 [ I or T ] to spend time thinking about a possibility or making a decision

Don't make any decisions before you've considered the situation. 在仔细考虑过这个问题之前别作任何决定。
[ + question word ] Have you considered what you'll do if you don't get the job? 你有没有考虑过,要是得不到这份工作你该怎么办?
[ + -ing verb ] We're considering selling the house. 我们在考虑卖掉房子。
She's being considered for the job. 目前正在考虑是否由她来做这项工作。
I'd like some time to consider before I make a decision. 我想花点时间斟酌斟酌再作决定。

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consider verb (SUBJECT/FACT)

C1 [ T ] to give attention to a particular subject or fact when judging something else

You've got to consider the time element when planning the whole project. 你在规划整个工程时必须考虑到时间因素。
[ + question word ] If you consider how long he's been learning the piano, he's not very good. 要是你考虑到他学钢琴有多久了,你就知道他弹得并不好。

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consider verb (CARE ABOUT)

C2 [ T ] to care about or respect other people or their feelings and wishes

Did you consider your mother and how she's going to feel about you leaving? 你考虑过你母亲吗?对你离开她会怎么想?
She never considers anyone but herself - she's totally selfish! 她从来只考虑自已不顾别人——太自私了!

consider verb (OPINION)

B2 [ T often + obj + (to be) + noun/adj ] to believe someone or something to be, or think of him, her, or it as something

He is currently considered (to be) the best British athlete. 他目前被认为是英国最出色的运动员。
We don't consider her to be right for the job. 我们认为她不适合干这项工作。
[ passive + obj + to infinitive ] It is considered bad manners in some cultures to speak with your mouth full of food. 在某些文化习俗中,说话时嘴里塞满食物被认为是不礼貌的。
I consider myself lucky that I only hurt my arm in the accident. 我觉得自己还算幸运,在事故中只伤了手臂。
Do you consider him a friend of yours? 你把他当作朋友吗?
[ + (that) ] She considers (that) she has done enough to help already. 她认为自己已经够帮忙的了。
be highly/well considered

to be very much admired

I don't like her books, but I know she's very highly considered. 我从不爱看她的书,可是我知道她备受推崇。

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