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uk /kənˌsɪd.əˈreɪ.ʃən/ us /kənˌsɪd.əˈreɪ.ʃən/

consideration noun (CAREFUL THINKING)

B2 [ U ] the act of thinking about something carefully

After some consideration, we've decided to sell the house. 一番斟酌之后,我们决定卖掉房子。
The whole matter needs (to be given) careful consideration. 整件事需要仔细考虑。

More examples

  • As I was just saying, I think the proposal needs further consideration.
  • Three sites are presently under consideration for the new hotel.
  • I've put my proposition to the company director for his consideration.
  • The proposals that you have put forward deserve serious consideration.
  • That's an interesting job offer - I'd give it some serious consideration if I were you.

consideration noun (SUBJECT/FACT)

B2 [ C or U ] a particular subject or fact that needs to be thought about when judging something

Comfort/Safety is an important consideration. 舒适性/安全性是需考虑的重要因素。

More examples

  • You have to take their worries into consideration.
  • The proximity of shopping facilities is an important consideration for us.
  • Cost is not a consideration for him.
  • I'd like you to take the environmental impact into consideration.
  • Price is a major consideration for them.

consideration noun (CARE)

C2 [ U ] behaviour that is kind and considers people's feelings

You have no consideration for others! 你毫不关心别人!
Turn your music down and show a little consideration for the neighbours! 你能把音乐声调小点、考虑一下邻居吗?
We didn't publish the details, out of consideration for the victim's family. 出于对受害者家属的考虑,我们没有公布细节。

consideration noun (MONEY)

[ C ] old-fashioned or humorous a payment for a service

For a small consideration, sir, I'll show you the way there myself. 夫人,如果给点报酬,我会亲自带您到那儿。

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