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uk /ˈkɒn.tækt/ us /ˈkɑːn.tækt/

contact noun (COMMUNICATION)

B1 [ U ] communication with someone, especially by speaking or writing to them regularly

"Have you been in contact with Andrew recently?" "Only by phone." “你最近跟安德鲁联系过吗?”“只是打过电话。”
I'm still in contact with her - we write a couple of times a year. 我和她仍有联系——我们一年写几封信。
There isn't enough contact between teachers and parents. 老师和家长间联系不够。
I've been busy at home and have hardly had any contact with the outside world. 我一直都在家里忙乎,和外面的世界几乎没有什么联系。
I'd hate to lose contact with my college friends. 我不愿和从前的校友失去联系。
She finally made contact with him in Italy. 她最终在意大利和他取得了联系。
Air traffic control lost radio contact with the pilot of the plane ten minutes before the accident. 事故发生前10分钟,空中交通管制中心失去了和飞机驾驶员的无线电联系。
The school needs a contact number (= phone number, especially for emergencies) for parents during school hours. 学校希望有上课时间能联系到家长的电话号码。

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contact noun (TOUCH)

C1 [ U ] the fact of two people or things touching each other

Don't let that glue come into contact with your skin. 别让那种胶水粘到你的皮肤上。
Have you been in contact with (= touched or been very near) anyone with the disease? 你接触过患这种病的人吗?
He hates physical contact of any kind - he doesn't even like to shake your hand. 他讨厌任何形式的身体接触——甚至不愿和人握手。

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contact noun (PERSON)

A2 [ C ] a person, especially someone in a high position, who can give you useful information or introductions that will help you at work or socially

I don't really know how she got the job, but I think her mother has contacts. 我不知道她到底怎么得到这份工作的,不过我怀疑她母亲有些门路。
He gave me the name of one of his contacts in a design firm, who offered me a job.
We're building up (= increasing the number of) our contacts in the business. 我们在业内逐渐建立起自己的关系网。

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contact noun (ELECTRICITY)

[ C ] a part in a circuit that makes the circuit complete when it touches another part


contactverb [ T ]

uk /ˈkɒn.tækt/ us /ˈkɑːn.tækt/

A2 to communicate with someone by calling or sending them a letter, email, etc.

I tried to contact him at his office, but he wasn't in. 我试着给他的办公室打电话,但是他不在。
You can contact me on (US also at) (= speak to me using the phone) 388 9146. 你可以拨3889146和我联系。
Unless the money is paid, we will be contacting our legal department. 如果不返还钱款,我们马上就和法律部门联系。

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