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uk /kənˈtem.pər.ər.i/ us /kənˈtem.pə.rer.i/

contemporary adjective (EXISTING NOW)

B2 existing or happening now

contemporary music/literature/art/fashion 当代音乐/文学/艺术/时尚
Although the play was written hundreds of years ago, it still has a contemporary (= modern) feel to it. 尽管它写于几百年前,但读来仍具现代感。

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contemporary adjective (OF SAME PERIOD)

belonging to the same or a stated period in the past

Almost all of the contemporary accounts of the event have been lost. 几乎所有关于这一事件的同时期的记载都遗失了。
Most of the writers he was contemporary with were interested in the same subjects. 和他同时代的大多数作家都对同样的题材感兴趣。

contemporarynoun [ C ]

uk /kənˈtem.pər.ər.i/ us /kənˈtem.pə.rer.i/

someone living during the same period as someone else

Was he a contemporary of Shakespeare's? 他和莎士比亚是同时代的人吗?

a person who is of the same age as you

She didn't mix with her contemporaries, preferring the company of older people. 她不和同龄人混在一起,而是喜欢和年长的人相处。

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