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uk /kɔːr/ us /kɔːr/

core noun (IMPORTANT PART)

C2 [ S or U ] the basic and most important part of something

The lack of government funding is at the core of the problem. 缺乏基本的政府拨款是问题的关键所在。

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core noun (CENTRE)

C2 [ C ] the hard central part of some fruits, such as apples, that contains the seeds

Don't throw your apple core on the floor! 别把苹果核扔到地板上!

[ C ] the centre of a planet

The earth's core is a hot, molten mix of iron and nickel. 地核是滚烫的铁镍熔融混合物。

[ C ] specialized physics The core of a nuclear reactor (= a device in which atoms are changed to produce energy) is the place where fission (= the dividing of atoms) happens.


[ C ] specialized geology a long, thin cylinder-shaped mass of material taken out of the earth for study




uk /kɔːr/ us /kɔːr/

core adjective (IMPORTANT)

core value, belief, issue, etc.

a value, belief, etc. that is basic and more important than any other

The final status negotiations would focus on the core issues of the peace process. 最终地位的谈判会把重心放在和平进程这一核心问题上。
core business/operations/activities

the most important or largest part of a company's business activities

The company's core operations include entertainment and aviation. 公司的核心业务包括娱乐和航空。
core curriculum/subjects/courses

the most important parts of a course of study, that all students must learn


found in the main part of the body, but not the arms or the legs

Pilates is good for strengthening the core muscles. 普拉提对锻炼下肢肌肉很有好处。

coreverb [ T ]

uk /kɔːr/ us /kɔːr/

to remove the core from a piece of fruit

Peel and core the pears before cooking them. 煮梨前先削皮去核。

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