Translation of "core" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (IMPORTANT PART) 重要部分 uk us /kɔːr/ US  /kɔːr/

[ S or U ] the basic and most important part of something

The basic lack of government funding is at the core of the problem. 缺乏基本的政府拨款是问题的关键所在。
core value/belief/issue, etc.

a value, belief, etc. which is basic and more important than any other

The final status negotiations would focus on the core issues of the peace process. 最终地位的谈判会把重心放在和平进程这一核心问题上。
core business/operations/activities

the most important or largest part of a company's business activities, which it depends on in order to continue trading

The company's core operations include entertainment and aviation. 公司的核心业务包括娱乐和航空。
core curriculum/subjects/courses

the most important parts of a course of study, that all students must do


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