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uk /ˈkʌp.əl/ us /ˈkʌp.əl/

couple noun (SOME)

B1 [ S ] two or a few things that are similar or the same, or two or a few people who are in some way connected

The doctor said my leg should be better in a couple of days. 医生说我的腿过几天就会好转。
A couple of people objected to the proposal, but the vast majority approved of it. 有几个人反对该提议,但绝大多数人赞同。
We'll have to wait another couple of hours for the paint to dry. 我们还得再等几个小时油漆才干。
She'll be retiring in a couple more years. 她再过几年就退休了。
The weather's been terrible for the last couple of days. 这几天天气糟透了。
Many economists expect unemployment to fall over the next couple of months. 许多经济学家预测近几个月失业率将会下降。
I'm sorry I didn't call you, but I've been very busy over the past couple of weeks. 很抱歉我没打电话给你,这几个星期我实在是太忙了。

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couple noun (TWO PEOPLE)

B1 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] two people who are married or in a romantic or sexual relationship, or two people who are together for a particular purpose

a married couple 一对夫妻
An elderly couple live (US lives) next door. 一对老夫妻住在隔壁。
Should the government do more to help young couples buy their own homes? 政府应该更多地帮助年轻夫妇购买他们自己的住房吗?
The couple skated spectacularly throughout the competition. 这对选手在整个比赛中滑得棒极了。

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uk /ˈkʌp.əl/ us /ˈkʌp.əl/

couple verb (JOIN)

[ T usually passive, usually + adv/prep ] to join or combine

The sleeping car and restaurant car were coupled together. 卧铺车厢和餐车挂在一起。
High inflation coupled with low output spells disaster for the government in the election. 低产出下的高通胀导致政府在选举中惨败。

couple verb (HAVE SEX)

[ I ] formal When two people or two animals couple, they have sex.


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