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uk /kɔːs/ us /kɔːrs/

course noun (CLASSES)

A1 [ C ] a set of classes or a plan of study on a particular subject, usually leading to an exam or qualification

They're going away on a training course next week. 下星期他们要出去上实习课。
I'd like to do (US take) a writing course when I retire. 退休后我想修一门写作课。
UK Tim did a three-year course in linguistics at Newcastle. 蒂姆在纽卡斯尔大学修了为期3年的语言学课程。

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course noun (SPORTS AREA)

B1 [ C ] an area of land or water used for a sports event

a golf course/cross-country course 高尔夫球场/越野赛赛场
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course noun (DEVELOPMENT)

C1 [ S ] the often gradual development of something, or the way something happens, or a way of doing something

Did the scandal have any effect on the course of the election? 丑闻对选举进程有影响吗?
In the course of (= during) the interview it became clear that he was not the right person for the job. 面试表明他并不适合这份工作。
What would be an appropriate course (of action) in such a situation? 在这种情况下采取什么样的措施才合适呢?
If our rivals are spending more on advertising, we'll have to follow the same course. 如果对手增加广告投入,我们也只得奉陪。
The defendants are also accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice. 被告还被指控企图妨碍司法公正。
in the course of time UK

after a period of time

I assume they plan to have children in the course of time. 我想他们总有一天会打算要孩子的。
in/with the course of time

UK gradually

With the course of time, I've learned to live with my disability. 渐渐地,我学会了接受自己残疾的现实。

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course noun (DIRECTION)

C1 [ C usually singular, U ] the direction in which a vehicle, especially an aircraft, spacecraft, or ship, moves, or the path along which a river flows

The pilot avoided a collision by changing course. 飞行员改变航向避免了一起碰撞事故。
Changing the course of the river would cause serious environmental damage to the whole valley. 河流改道会严重危害整个流域的环境。
figurative The debate completely changed course after Liz made her speech. 莉兹发言后辩论方向完全改变了。
on course

likely to happen, or likely to succeed as planned

Because of the recession, we're on course for/to have record unemployment levels. 由于经济衰退,我们可能要创失业率的新纪录了。

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course noun (MEAL)

A2 [ C ] a part of a meal that is served separately from the other parts

a four-course lunch 四道菜的午餐
A traditional British main course consists of a meat dish with potatoes and other vegetables. 传统的英国主菜由肉加土豆及其他蔬菜构成。

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[ C ] a fixed number of regular medical treatments

My doctor's put me on a course of antibiotics. 医生让我做了一个疗程的抗生素治疗。
UK She needed a six-month course of physiotherapy after she broke her leg. 腿骨折后她需要一个为期6个月的理疗疗程。

course noun (LAYER)

[ C ] specialized architecture a continuous horizontal layer of bricks or other building material


courseverb [ I usually + adv/prep ]

uk /kɔːs/ us /kɔːrs/ formal

to flow quickly or in large amounts

Tears were coursing down his cheeks. 泪水从他的脸颊滚落。
You could almost hear the blood coursing through her veins as she passed the finishing line. 她冲过终点时你几乎听得到血液在她血管里流动的声音。
figurative A new wave of idealism is coursing through our schools. 一股新的理想主义浪潮正席卷我们的学校。

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