Translation of "course" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (DIRECTION) 方向 uk us /kɔːs/ US  /kɔːrs/

[ C usually singular, U ] the direction in which a vehicle, especially an aircraft, spacecraft or ship, moves, or the path along which a river flows

The pilot avoided a collision by changing course. 飞行员改变航向避免了一起碰撞事故。
Changing the course of the river would cause serious environmental damage to the whole valley. 河流改道会严重危害整个流域的环境。
figurative The debate completely changed course after Liz made her speech. 莉兹发言后辩论方向完全改变了。
on course

likely to happen, or likely to succeed as planned

Because of the recession, we're on course for/to have record unemployment levels. 由于经济衰退,我们可能要创失业率的新纪录了。

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